Fine Art Prints

About the Prints: 

Images are printed on your choice of medium:

An unframed FujiPearl Metallic Crystal Archive print with a 1 inch white border

FujiPearl Metallic Crystal Archive is a silver halide color paper designed to produce vivid color reproduction, brilliant whites, plus distinct highlight detail. This means you will receive a print filled with beautiful color from subtle shades of green to vivid blues and reds together with brilliant whitness and clear and distinct shadow and highlight details. When mounted under glass using archival quality matting, the image will last for generations to come without any fading or color shifting.

A Lumachrome HD proprietary acrylic face mount with a komatex backing and aluminum floating mount frame. 

Lumachrome prints are a significant improvement over the FujiPearl prints bringing unbelievable resolution, clarity, and vibrancy as well as an incredible 3D image quality to the print. All images are face-mounted to UV protected acrylic to protect and archive the image. When bright windows and/or side lighting is a consideration, a low reflection P99 UV acrylic is an option. The Komatex backing used is the best back mounting option on the market today and will totally encapsulate the print. With both the acrylic face mount and Komatex backing, the image is rated at over 120 years archival meaning this image can be passed on and enjoyed throughout many generations. All images come with a black aluminum float mount frame meaning they are ready to hang as soon as they arrive. 

Each fine art print comes with it's own signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Every step from capture through development to print has the highest level of attention to detail taken into account. Each image is test printed many times through an extremely rigorous color management and inspection process until perfected. On top of every aspect of the process being performed with the highest level of quality and integrity, these images are truly unique moments of nature and are visually competitive at the highest level of the industry.

Photographs currently in inventory will be shipped and delivered in 2-3 weeks. Images not in inventory may take 3-6 weeks to be shipped and delivered. Shipping prices vary depending on location and the crating/shipping is paid for by the client. If an image is not shown in the store, it is not currently in inventory. Contact me and I will work to make it available.

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Example of a 20"x30" print in a room